I honestly never thought this day would come. Its been a lot of work. A lot of tears, but it has been worth it. I laughed when God told me thirteen years ago that I would write a book. Jokes on me because here we are.

Although it has been a rollercoaster journey, I have been able to help so many people along the way. Even before publishing the book. I pray that this book speaks to those that not only are struggling with grief and other things in life but helps them know Jesus better. I know that without Him by my side, I would have never made it where I am today.

I struggled for many years and it was hard. Many times that I just wanted to give up but didn’t. I look back now and to see how far I have come truly is amazing.

May this book bless you and my story touch you in so many ways. You are not alone in this journey. <3 Head over to amazing and purchase The Grieving Light today! I have kindle versions and paperback copies as well.