But Why?

I live in Missouri and the biggest topic that has been discussed recently is the tragic Ride The Ducks boat accident that occurred on July 19th, 2018. It is a very tragic and heart wrenching story. Thirty one people were on that boat, ages ranging from one to seventy-six. Sadly, seventeen of those people died.

The morning after the accident, many witnesses shared their videos of the boat sinking. It seemed so unreal. I cried. The one thing that came to mind was how scared they must have been. Especially as a parent. Your first thought is to try to save your kid(s) and spouse but can only do so much. We had an incident while flying one time and I was so scared as my son sat on my lap. My heart can only imagine what they were feeling. 

This morning, this video showed up on our local news station. It is from one of the survivors. A fourteen year old girl who lost her dad and brother. I have watched another one of a lady that had 9 out of 11 people in her family die in the accident, including her infant. In this video, you hear the young girls story about how she escaped and how the whole event played out.

When the reporter asked her how she was doing and her thoughts after the accident. Her reaction… “Why me?” This is a completely normal and human response. I have asked this questions many times before. I asked it a lot when mom passed, when dad passed I turned my “why” into “how”. Not “how could you do this to me?” but more of “how are you going to use me during this time?” “How will this grow me as a person?” I began grieve differently.

I loved the moms response to the girls question, “To share their stories and God knew I needed you.” So hard but powerful response. When my mom passed away, I occasionally thought about taking my life. I didnt know the Lord and just thought it would be “easier”. But for who? My sister and dad would have been devastated. They had been through so much already, how could I be so selfish. After dad passed, I realized God was going to use me to help others; and I am have been able to help.

Don’t be afraid to ask why. It doesn’t make you a horrible person. Jesus even asked “why?” in Psalm 22:1. If the Almighty Lord asked Why, don’t feel guilty if feel you need to too. Just don’t dwell on it. Ask God to speak to your heart and answer that Why and How. How is he going to use you right now where you are at in life? How will this situation change you and your life?